Another Edinburgh Moon

I just can’t help myself.

I like the two little lights on too. Like beady eyes, watching you.

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The Moon Today

The moon, the back end of the bus I just got off & The Carlton Hotel. Right now.


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Being a Cat Owner: Night One

It’s midnight; I’m itchy all over & I can hear loud purring. My view right now. 

We have taken in a beautiful black cat & it turns out she likes me. Whilst this has been my dream since forever, sleeping could be a problem tonight. 

But she’s beautiful and affectionate and already I want to keep feeding her and plot for us to take over the world. Why do we suddenly own a six year old cat? That’s a story for another time. For now I must try and have a… cat nap. 

A cat. Naaaap. Uggh. Sorry.

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The Moon

A series of posts (and a new category, hello!) where I post pictures of the moon I have taken and liked.

Here is a French Moon over Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne. He might not be obvious but that was deliberate. I wanted to get as much of this cowboy town in as possible.



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Currently Listening to:

Sia, ‘cuz I love her. Happy valentines bbz ❤️ 

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Happy New Year

Hello 2016. It’s been the busiest whirlwind since I managed to sit down and write in this blog. A lot has happened.

I’ve moved on and up in this funny little planet we live on. I hung up my headset forever and moved to a city I’ve daydreamed about living in for as long as I can remember.

Look at this man above just on his way home from work, like me. Only in front of a bloody massive, extinct volcano with an ancient castle on top. Life is weird.

I moved in with the most wondrous person I know (don’t tell him that) and the past six weeks have been a delight. I do more washing up than I used to do and a lot more food shopping (seriously, how do we manage to go through all that food so quickly?) but it’s lovely and new and the weird quasi-guilt I feel at leaving my home town is cushioned with the spontaneous massages and bearded face I somehow get to enjoy on a daily basis.

Selfie with the landlord.

I have tried and managed not to neglect my friends. I’ve been back home most weekends, hosted one of them through here and I spent a whole week with a trio of them in the land of baguettes and vin rouge.

I have neglected my happy days posting in favour of going off and being happy. But who knows what the year will bring. I’m looking forward to it.


Day 309 – Surprises

I had been craving a Chai Latte all week and when I was walking past the Costa near my work this morning, the shutters were opening and well..  


Day 308 – Love Theatre Day

A little collage I made to mark #lovetheatreday

2014/15 has been a good year for me theatrically, darling.


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Day 307 – Fugetaboutit

 So much anticipated. I repressed so many outbursts today the best way I could think to recover was by watching a bunch of violent people going about their angry business.  


Day 306 – This, Tho Ho Ho

My one exception to my “it’s only November” attitude towards Christmas.